Top 10 Hangout Spots in Nashville

I donโ€™t know about you, but after graduating college, I was beyond sick of the Nashville dive bar scene. Not only are they extremely loud, but they are overcrowded leaving you standing awkwardly in a corner with no place to go. Fighting through the 37 bachelorette parties between you and the bar is always an uphill battle only to get your order completely wrong because the bartender canโ€™t even here you over the music. (End Rant)

When people come to Nashville, they always assume that all of the fun and trendy places to hangout are downtown, when in reality there are multitudes of other hotspots in various different neighborhoods around Nashville. This gave me an idea to compile a list of ten of my favorite hangout places to go. Although downtown can be fun, one of my top ten is even on Broadway, the majority of these places are off the tourist beaten path and have unique, fun atmospheres. So next time you are looking for a more low-key hangout night, be sure to consider some of the following places!

10. ML Rose

ML Rose

9. The Green House Bar

Green House

8. Patterson House

Patterson House

7. Acme


6. Holland House

Holland House

5. Old Glory

Old Glory

4. Virago


3. 5th & Taylor


2. Sinema


  1. Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social

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